As a transaction advisor, we focus on two activities:

1. Corporate Finance / M&A:

  • Considerations for an acquisition / sale (strategical, financial, shareholder level)
  • Coordination of complete buy-side / sell-side mandates in a narrow or wider auction process (including preparation of business plan, sales documentation, long-list, buyer selection and addressing, auctioning, advisor selection and coordination, process supervision until signing / closing)
  • Stapled Finance (obtaining a financing package that the seller in a sales process offers to a potential buyer)
  • Fund Raising (debt and equity)
  • MBO / MBI (support of management teams in company takeovers or buy-ins)
  • Indicative company valuation (net asset value, discounted cash flow, multiples)

2. Advisory prior to a transaction:

  • ‘Dress the Bride’ support (value-enhancing restructuring or strategic expansions prior to a company sale)
  • Commercial Due Diligence (covering market-related feasibility studies prior to an acquisition or performing a so-called vendor due diligence in the case of a sell-side mandate)
  • Global growth strategies (support mainly for German clients with regards to organic or inorganic growth for the Chinese market or vice versa)
  • Support in the structuring of investment vehicles and fund structures (e.g. Luxembourg structures)