Horst Knafl, PhD

Horst H. Knafl, born in 1963, is a Network Partner at MSM Capital in Munich.

He holds a master degree from the Technical University of Graz (industrial engineering Mechanical Engineering, 1990) and received his PhD from the same university in 1995 for his Research on core competence strategies.

In 1990, he began his career at the consulting firm Roland Berger & Partners. In 1997, he became independent and worked as a consultant in the field of industrial goods, consumer goods and media for German and international Clients.

From 2003-2005 he was the executive manager of Honka Blockhaus GmbH and member of the executive team of its Finnish parent company where he successfully implemented an intense restructuring program. From 2006-2007 he supported the setup of an operational start-up company and expanded his professional consulting experience to change management issues.

Since 2010, he has been involved in projects at MSM Capital as a Network Partner.