Typical clients of MSM Capital include:

  • Owners, investors, private equity funds and debt providers
  • Managers with overall responsibility for corporations or large business sectors 

Our clients are results-oriented and pragmatic, ambitious to change things and want to increase the value of the target company for their shareholders.

The companies or parts of companies of which we have supported the sales or acquisitions of, come from a variety of industries and have an enterprise value of between € 10 million and € 250 million.

The headquarters of our clients are mainly in German-speaking countries. Our project focus, however, is international - particularly in sell-side or corporate financing mandates.


The following are some of the clients that our advisors have been working for in previous years: Alantum Europe, Allianz Capital Partners, COGO Optronics, Druckguss Heidenau, Dubai Investment Group, Emitec, Equitrust AG, Gesundheitswelt Chiemgau, Gildemeister Energy Storage GmbH, Herta BSC, KION Group, Lekkerland, LIVIA Family Office, Ritter Solar, Schmolz + Bikenbach, Thomas Cook, ThyssenKrupp, u2t Photonics, UniWheels Group, VOIT Automotive.

Additional information on reference projects can be discussed in person and under appropriate confidentiality terms.